Shirayam Solkin

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Co-Founder and Director of the Free Mind CB School. Member of the Cóndor Blanco International Organization since 1993, where she was trained at its different schools and academies. Her trips and expeditions with Cóndor Blanco and other schools to learn and incorporate new techniques and experiences into her personal and professional life took her to several countries in the Americas and Europe, as well as to South Africa, the U.S., Dubai, Bahrain, The Seychelles, and India. She worked for eight years in Miami, Florida at Live Nation and Clear Channel taking part in national and international tours of renowned artists, such as U2, Madonna, Paul McCartney and others, where she acquired extensive experience in team management and productivity in high-stress and high performance work environments. She is currently the Director of the Free Mind Cóndor Blanco School, which operates in five countries and 22 cities. Shirayam takes part in the four workshop modules as an instructor and lecturer on topics related to the mind and its importance in the areas of creativity, stress management and labor distress, mental health, conflict management, assertive communication, Creative Focus, among others. She has held conferences for over 8000 people in the last 12 years in more than 15 countries.