Be yourself
Manifest the life you deserve

The topic proposed by Free Mind CB’s Module 4 is BE AND MANIFEST ONESELF. After cleaning the way how the mind sees the world performed in Module 1, participants can now act in an independent and conscious manner. Module 2 teaches them the poisons and antidotes of the mind and addresses the way they relate with themselves and with the world. Module 3 provides participants with tools that allow them to reshape their identity and to break patterns and behaviors that no longer support them in life. Once these steps have been completed, participants start a new stage defining and expressing what they want and how they want to live their life. An intense physical and mental purification triggered by means of dynamics and experiences helps participants to learn to share their desires with the Universe and to recognize the signs that life shows them every day. In addition, Module 4 works on the mental limits we learn in life and how to overcome them by reconnecting with the essence, the base of self-love, self-esteem and the power to succeed. At several stages of module 4, Cóndor Blanco therapists and instructors are invited to work on special issues with participants, which enriches them and provides them with even more generous experiences in their search for the plenitude of being, i.e., the core theme of the entire work developed by all Free mind CB modules. Benefits: • Understanding every person’s role in the world and the role of the world as a whole. • Identifying the clear signs of the universe around us that help or support us to make decisions. • Understanding physical and mental limitations. • Breaking away from self-imposed mental limitations and learning how to win in any given life situation. • Working with tools that deconstruct negative beliefs. • Deep contact with nature and Cóndor Blanco’s ecological reserve. • Attending lectures and accessing special contents provided by guest therapists and instructors during Free Mind CB’s Module 4. • Reconnecting with the essence of ‘being’.


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